A Top iPhone 12 Case For Gamers

The Razer Arctech Pro iPhone 12 Case

The Apple iPhone 12 is quite a versatile phone, and because of this you?ll be able to comfortably play PUBG Mobile Pokemon Go and Genshin Impact with no processor lag to interrupt your gaming sessions. But even the most advanced handset in the world isn?t immune to overheating with heavy use.
And here is where Razer’s Arctech Pro iPhone 12 case is dominant. This case boasts not two but three layers that cool your phone down to help prevent shut down, plus the usual shock protection you?d expect to have in any quality cover. Wireless Charging Capable: It works well with qi chargers Arctech Pro case is wireless charging compatible. This cover works in conjunction with wireless chargers.


As far as drop protection is concerned, Razer’s Arctech Pro case gives 3 metre Drop Protection. The Razer Arctech Pro Case does feel tough, rugged & thick enough. I would trust the cover would protect your smartphone if you accidentally drop it from 10 ft heights or less.

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